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Sci-fi TV pilot.

When timid Emily learns that her blackouts are caused by being “jumped” into by the consciousness of her future self she finds herself a reluctant member of a mission to save humanity…
Emily is 12 years old.

Welcome To Last Chance

Black comedy TV pilot.

Welcome to Last Chance: A town populated entirely by members of the Witness Protection Program. The only person who knows their true identities is the town sheriff, who is also a hitman for the mob.

Currently in the quarter-finals of the Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilots competition.


Horror feature.

Paul and Kate rent a remote Scottish hideaway hoping to salvage their ailing relationship. When they rescue an apparently neglected infant they find themselves terrorized by the locals and fighting to save more than just their marriage.

Co-written with Richard Higson. Currently under option to Park Road Pictures.

The W@nking Dead

Sitcom pilot.

Ian and Gordon used to spend their days alone in their flat playing video games, eating Pot Noodle, never going outside.
Then came the Zombie Apocalypse.
Now they spend their days alone in their flat playing video games, eating Pot Noodle, never going outside. They are the perfect survivors.
Until Karen turned up at their door.

Tales of the Unpleasant

Comedy TV pilot.

An anthology of comedy horror stories with a Scottish twist.

Duncan and Jamie run the Loch Middy visitor centre – one of Scotland’s less well known monster-inhabited lochs. Business is bad. But when locals start disappearing and the monster is blamed, the tourists start flocking in. Only hot-shot D.I. Kaye has her suspicions as to the real culprit.

The comic voice is confident, original and demonstrates a good knowledge of the genre…” – BBC Writersroom.

The Weird World of M.R. James

Drama TV pilot.

Meet M.R. James: scholar, author, and the hardest working paranormal investigator in Victorian Britain.

Montague Rhodes James: Born 1861. Father of the modern ghost story. But where did he draw his inspiration? From the supernatural phenomena that plagued his life: from murderous marionettes to bloodsucking politicians; from a platoon of undead Tommies to a rescue mission into Purgatory – James tackled them all (with a little help from ballsy con-woman, Denver Colorado).
All the while, his exploits are manipulated by a Machiavellian cabal, The Overseers, whose motives are as yet unclear.

Made the second round of the Red Planet Prize. Made the semi-finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine competition. Winner of Circalit’s Nick Santora screenwriting competition. Longlisted for Little Brother Productions Big Opportunity II award. Made the semi-finals of the LA based Fresh Voices screenplay competition.

“The intriguing premise, vividly drawn world and imaginative, entertaining story make this stand out.” – BBC Writersroom

…a sign of veteran storytelling ability. I am not sure if Mr. Storrier is a veteran television writer in England, but his script belies a great knowledge of the medium.” – Nick Santora (Prison Break, The Sopranos, Law & Order)

The Sleeper

Comedy feature.

When a 70 year old KGB sleeper agent loses the will to kill, he decides to become his target’s guardian against assassination instead.

Ronnie MacPherson is a crack KGB sleeper agent living undercover in Glasgow since the 70’s. When he is finally activated he discovers he has lost the will to kill and decides to protect his target and her young daughter from from the clutches of both his elderly Russian handler and a slick young assassin.

Made the third round of Cascade Pictures Writer’s Couch initiative. Shortlisted for EIFF’s Network development programme. Finalist in Karel Seger’s First Draft script contest. Made the quarter-finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine competition. Shortlisted for the lo-fi film development programme.

“Part spoof of an old-school Russian spy movie, part road trip and part family drama, it brings together different genres in a fresh and interesting way.” – BBC Writersroom.

William McGonagall: The Life and Rhymes

Comedy feature.

In 1877, Dundee weaver William McGonagall discovered his discordant muse. He spent the next 25 years as the worst poet to ever disgrace the English language.
This is his story…sort of.

Made the semi-finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine competition.

…an engaging introduction to this unlikely hero and the script succeeds in its intention to reveal the human figure behind his unlikely verses.” – BBC Writersroom.

…admirably written” – The Salt Company.

A sweet, gentle comedy with modest aspirations which boasts some wonderfully eccentric characters and great dialogue…” Industrial Scripts

Oliver’s Army

Sitcom pilot.

As P.R. consultant to the stars, Oliver Chisholm has it all – executive salary, designer lifestyle, and now a drink driving conviction that earns him Community Service with a dysfunctional Salvation Army corps.

Oliver’s Army is a six episode sitcom about a superficial egotist forced from his life of excess into an unfamiliar world of charity where he must assist an inept Salvation Army corps in their altruistic endeavours.

Office Romance 2.0

Comedy short. Trailer.

A secretary embarks on a very modern office romance with an unexpected co-worker.

But is it love or is her admirer just after one thing?

Produced by Third Light Films, starring Polly Kemp (The Thick Of It). Winner of Best Narrative Short at the Prescott Film Festival, Winner of Best Short at the San Francisco United Film Festival, Runner-up in the comedy category at the Dam Short Film Festival, official selection for the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, Los Angeles United Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Bootleg Film Festival, New York United Film Festival, Manlleu Film Festival, London United Film Festival, Short Shorts & Asia Film Festival, Edinburgh Short Film Festival, East End Film Festival.

In the Bleak Midsummer

Comedy short.

Meet David Royal, the man who loves Christmas so much he celebrates it every day of the year. If there’s anyone who knows what Christmas is all about, it’s David. The gifts, the turkey dinner, the Quality Street.

It’s just a shame that tolerance, goodwill to others, and enjoying the company of family appear to be lost on him.

Official selection of Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Edinburgh Short Film Festival.

Produced by Curve Films.

Love is a Four Letter Word (Worth Seven Points)

BhqtvlWIcAEVkfVComedy short.

A couple’s quiet Saturday night in with a bottle of wine descends into a post-mortem on their relationship, a break-up, a slanging match, and hints of infidelity…with both of them not actually saying anything.

Directed by John Schwab, starring Gemma Chan (Fresh Meat) and Ed Stoppard (Upstairs Downstairs).



RecoilDrama short.

A father noses around his young son’s bedroom. He finds a gun under the bed. It’s a toy water pistol.

A young boy noses around his parent’s bedroom. He finds a gun under the bed. It’s real…and loaded.

Produced by Pav Films.

Our Life in Stuff

1Comedy short.

A young couple meet, fall in love, marry, have children, grow old, grow apart, split up, then move on with their lives.

This is their story – told without actors or dialogue, just using momentoes, keepsakes, and detritus from their life together.

Produced by Gordon Warnecke and A Tad Too Far productions.