Five months worth of blog posts…

I’ve been tardy…very tardy. Actually I’ve been grieving, but let’s not go there.

So, apart from the obvious negative, here’s some positive stuff that’s been happening…

Office Romance 2.0 won the Jury Award for Best Short Film at the United Film Festival – San Francisco.

It also got into the San Diego Film Festival and the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

The Sleeper is in the quarter finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine competition (along with about 120 others).

It’s also been longlisted for the micro-budget film development programme, lo-fi, supported by Screen Academy Scotland, BBC Scotland, Matador Pictures and Creative Scotland.

The Weird World of M.R. James also reached the quarter finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine competition, thus doubling my chances of disappointment.

It got a very encouraging read through (and feedback) from the BBC Writersroom.

And it also won Circalit’s Nick Santora screenwriting competition and received more encouraging feedback from the man himself.

But that’s enough about me…what you been up to?


International Travel?

Pah! Who wants to go off galavanting to film festivals in Nevada, L.A. (twice), New York, Toronto, Manlleu (that’s in Spain), London and Tokyo to see Office Romance 2.0 when you can just pop along to The Granary at 1930 on Saturday 9th June, pay £4 (£3 concession), and see it at the Edinburgh Short Film Festival instead?

There’s much less chance of your bus getting blown out of the sky by terrorists.

Another fillum

Hooray! Another short film what I wrote is fit and well and about to be unleashed upon the world.

In The Bleak Midsummer

Pitched on Shooting People back in March 2010 and produced by those lovely people at Curve Films, In The Bleak Midsummer is a mockumentary about David Royal, the man who loves Christmas so much he’s celebrated it every day for the past two and a half years.

It is so funny I personally guarantee you will pee your pants*.

*This statement in no way forms a legally binding contract. You probably won’t pee your pants.

Assembling a crack team…

Writer, white male, non-smoker, GSOH, with own comedy script, The Sleeper,* WLTM producer and/or director (not averse to 3some) for walks on the beach, sunset dinners, and entry to Playwrights’ Studio Scotland’s feature development programme, Accelerator.

*Wullie MacPherson is a crack KGB sleeper agent living undercover in Glasgow since 1972. When he is finally activated he discovers he has lost the will to kill and decides to protect his target and her young daughter from assassination instead.

Please email me for a full synopsis.



Office Romance 2.0 had its official premiere at the Dam Short Film Festival last weekend where it came runner-up in the comedy category. The awards are voted for by the audience so it’s nice to know we brought a little bit of sunshine into some people’s otherwise dismal lives.

Office Romance 2.0 premiere

Office Romance 2.0 will have it’s official world premier (God, that sounds impressive) at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival.

Did I say Cannes? Sorry, I meant the Dam Short Film Festival, Boulder City, Nevada (not to be confused with Boulder, Colorado of Mork & Mindy fame) at 4:15pm (PST) on Saturday 11th February.

In 2009 Boulder City was ranked 6th in the top 25 places to retire in the USA by Money magazine, so hopefully some of the old dears will be able to pop along and support our wee film before their early bird suppers.

And before you ask, No, I’m not going so, No, you can’t come. But if you’re going to be in Vegas around that time feel free to pop and along and laugh uproariously at all the right places.