Another rejection…

So SportsDirect are obviously not big fans of poetry (on second thoughts maybe they are) because they rejected my latest attempt at leaving a critical product review for their Karrimor Hot Rocks hiking boots (see my previous post).

Little do they know I’m a writer. I’m no stranger to rejection. I picked myself up, dusted myself down, cried myself to sleep, then tried again…

So you didn’t like my poem
About my holey boots?
I’ve written you another,
Let’s see if this one suits…

SportsDirect, Why Don’t You Love Me?

I contacted Head Office,
We emailed to and fro
“Dear”, I said,
“There’s something you should know”

“These boots of yours are faulty
And I have no receipt.
The hole is getting bigger
I can almost see my feet”.

“Can I take them back to store?
It’s easier for me”.
“Send them through the post”, they said,
“We’ll refund P&P”.

“That sounds like too much effort,
I just don’t have the time.
My days are far too busy spent
Constructing silly rhyme”.

So if you’re a hiking masochist
Whose fetish is wet socks
Go to Sportsdirect and buy
Their Karrimor Hot Rocks.